South West LLEN Regional Snapshot

"Working together towards common goals"

The South West Local Learning and Employment Network (South West LLEN) is a community network of local education providers, industry, community and government organisations and individuals, working together to improve education, training and employment outcomes for young people in the South West of Victoria.

The South West LLEN region comprises of the local government areas of Colac OtwayCorangamiteMoyne and Warrnambool.

Membership to the South West LLEN is free, and open to any individual or organization.

Our Purpose

To improve participation, engagement, attainment and transition outcomes for 10 to 19 year olds in South West Victoria by bringing together the experience and expertise of local education providers, industry representatives, community groups, individuals and government organisations.

Our Goals

The South West LLEN is working to achieve Victoria’s education and training targets:

  • By 2015, 92.6% of young people in Victoria will complete Year 12 or its equivalent.
  • By 2020, halve the gap for Indigenous students in Year 12 or equivalent attainment.

Vision Statement

To have young people of the South West valued for who and what they are now, supported and nurtured to what they can be, and connected to their communities now and into the future.

Mission Statement

The South West LLEN will be a responsive, innovative, supportive, collaborative forum for those who care about the future of our region.

Statements of Commitment

We will improve educational, training & employment options, pathways & outcomes, for young people in the south west of Victoria through:

  • sharing ideas, skills and knowledge,
  • developing relationships,
  • promoting collaboration,
  • bridging gaps,
  • creating opportunities,
  • supporting and formulating practical initiatives.

Our Commitment

The South West LLEN commits itself to:

  • Developing relationships, building partnerships, bridging gaps;
  • Changing culture in education and training;
  • Modelling an integrated approach to addressing issues,
  • Collaboration, Creating connectedness; Supporting and Valuing alternate pathways and self-determining communities
  • Developing diversity in learning opportunities for all citizens throughout their lives.
  • Taking on the hard challenges