My Plan My Future

"Improving Transition Planning for Students with Supported Learning Needs"

My Plan My Future has been developed as a resource to assist schools to strengthen their transition planning processes for students with supported learning needs by providing a more coordinated approach to transition planning.  The resource was developed in partnership by the South West LLLEN, Warrnambool College, Emmanuel College, Brauer College, Warrnambool Special Development School, Hampden Specialist School, and was funded by the Department of Human Services.

The primary aims of the resource are:

  • To enable better transition outcomes for students with supported learning needs through self directed transition planning that is timely, coordinated and consistent, and which reflects individual goals and aspirations.
  • To provide a flexible transition planning framework schools can use to assist in creating better transition outcomes for students with supported learning needs.
  • To provide a transition planning framework that links with the DHS Futures for Young Adults (FFYA) program so that planning and supports put in place during secondary school connect to FFYA processes post school.
  • To provide tools that enable students, parents and school staff to record relevant information that can be transferred between agencies as appropriate.

If you would like more information or wish to request a copy of My Plan My Future please contact the South West LLEN on (03) 5561 0047 or