Workplace Learning Coordinators Program

Facilitating quality workplace learning opportunities to complement education and training programs

The Workplace Learning Coordinators Program is a statewide initiative the supports the facilitation and coordination of workplace learning placements for young people aged 15 - 19 years engaged in school based apprenticeships or traineeships, structured workplace learning or work experience. 

Through increasing young people's access to work placements as part of their education and training, Workplace Learning Coordinators will help create stronger pathways for young people to further education, training or employment.  This is achieved through facilitating quality workplace learning opportunities to complement education and training programs as well as enhancing young people's understanding of applied learning, vocational pathways, and post school career options.

The South West LLEN is proud to be engaged as the service provider for the Workplace Learning Coordinators Program for the South West LLEN region, covering the areas of Colac-OtwayCorangamiteMoyne and Warrnambool.

Through the Workplace Learning Coordinators Program, the South West LLEN aims to:

  • Increase the number of young people undertaking workplace learning placements, especially in areas that provide strong vocational outcomes
  • Increase the alignment of VCAL and VET provision and local industry needs
  • Increase the number of Koorie young people undertaking workplace learning placements
  • Improve opportunities for all young people to undertake workplace learning placements
  • Promote workplace learning to industry and small business to increase the understanding of the benefits of workplace learning to them.

Workplace Learning Coordinators will work with secondary schools, training providers, Registered Training Organisations, local industry and small business, local government and Koorie and community organisations to achieve these goals.

To find out how the Workplace Learning Coordinator Program may be able to support your school or business, please contact Denise Madden or Lyn Lanman on (03) 5561 0047 or email /